Travel conditions


  • Common for all counties in southern Sweden.
  • Valid for both bus and train.
  • Delay of at least 30 minutes, compensation levels for delay
    30-59 minutes and 60 minutes or more.
  • Inspection fee is increased from 800 SEK to 1000 SEK.
  • When extending the trip with a short period of paid fee from the last zone of the pass.

The Travel warranty replacement is especially true for Länstrafiken Kronoberg:

  • Delay at least 30 minutes. Remuneration levels for delay 30-59 minutes, 60 minutes or more.
  • Travelcard monthly ticket at the cash equivalent compensation.
  • 30-59 minutes 50 % of the total price as vouchers.
  • 60 minutes or more, 100 % of the price as vouchers, 50 % cash.
  • Car: compensation is paid only as vouchers, payment will be increased to 600 SEK.
  • Taxis: the compensation will be increased from 600 SEK to 720 SEK in cash or by voucher.

Traffic disruption

Occasionally, there are some traffic disruptions that we have no control over and it can sometimes be difficult to keep the schedule. On the website, we report major disruptions.

Validity on SJ-train

The monthly Travelcard for train from Länstrafiken Kronoberg is valid on SJ Regional train between Alvesta and Lessebo. But for all monthly Travelcard train a inspection receipt is required to accompany the Travelcard. A cash ticket or a ticket paid with Travelcard travel funds is not valid for traveling aboard the SJ Regional train.

Mobile ticket

For bus services in Kronoberg it's possible to buy tickets via our app MobiTime. The ticket must be purchased before departure and presented to the driver when boarding the bus.